Aviation Data Communication Corp. (ADCC)


Organisation Overview 

Aviation Data Communication Corp. is a joint venture invested by Air Traffic Management Bureau of CAAC, and key airlines, including Air China, China Eastern and China Southern.  From its establishment back in 1996, ADCC is the only datalink service provider in China.  Now, ADCC is operating a still expanding world 3rd largest VHF datalink network with more than 190 ground stations located in more than 120 sites.  Together with ARINC and AEROTHAI, ADCC’s network and service provides a critical part of GLOABLink datalink network.  ADCC also provides datalink applications developed to airline customers.  Every airline in China is using at least one application developed by ADCC, such as flight monitoring, engine performance, load and balance etc.

Besides the role of datalink service provider, ADCC is also acting as the research body of ATMB CAAC. ADCC’s R&D capabilities cover areas of ADS-B, satellite navigation, flight procedure design, aeronautical information service, flow management, collaborative decision making, etc.  In 2003, based on ADCC R&D facility, CAAC setup its CNS/ATM Labs.  With joint forces of the Labs and ADCC R&D team, several grade one and two national awards on aviation related subjects have been achieved.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Niu Yi, General Manager

Country: China

Telephone number: +86 (10) 8232 5050

Fax number: +86 (10) 8232 8710

E-mail: zyb@adcc.com.cn

Head office:

Floor 14, Bai Yan Building, No 238,
Bei Si Huan Zhong Road,
Hai Dian District,
100191, Beijing,