Croatia Control Ltd.


Organisation Overview

Croatia Control Ltd. (CCL) is a State-owned limited liability company providing air navigation services, pursuing the basic principle of a high level of air traffic safety. In compliance with the Single European Sky framework, CCL has been certified for the provision of ATS, CNS, AIS and MET services. CCL is also responsible for ANS provision to the military flights in Croatian airspace.

270 air traffic controllers (ATCO) work at the Area Control Centre Zagreb (ACC) and the Approach / Tower units.

In 2016 there were more than 533,000 IFR General Air traffic (GAT) flight movements in the area of responsibility of CCL, with over 70,000 VFR and military movements in addition.

CCL is an active promoter of regional integration and co-operation within SES, and also participates in COOPANS, FAB CE, Gate One, SESAR Deployment Manager, SESAR Joint Undertaking and other associations.

In February 2014 CCL launched a new ATM system based on the COOPANS harmonisation achievements. The operating software is based on the Thales TopSky system and was applied by seven ATC centres in five European countries. It ensures CCL’s permanent harmonisation with the EU standards and competitiveness on the European market of ANS.

Following the idea of the FAB initiative to enhance performance, in 2016 CCL achieved all objectives under the FAB CE Performance Plan.

Number of Towers Operated10
Number of Area Control Centres1
Number of Employees730
Number of ATCOs270

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Mario Kunovec Varga

Country: Croatia

Telephone number: +385 (1) 625 9400

Fax number: +385 (1) 622 8101

Head office:

Rudolfa Fizira 2,
10410 Velika Gorica,