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Empowering the people who safeguard our skies

Entry Point North is one of the world’s leading ATS academies – we deliver training and other services at our training centers, client sites around the globe, and online.

Enter a unique way of training

We strongly believe that training is more than just teaching facts. Our goal is to empower our students and turn them into confident, action-taking professionals who have both the required knowledge and the right mindset for the job. To accomplish this, we apply a unique student-centered approach to education.

International by nature

Our multinational staff originate from more than 30 countries and in total speak over 25 different languages, which creates a truly global environment.

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Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Chief Executive Officer: Anne Kathrine Jensen

Country: Sweden

Telephone number: +46 (40) 694 4300

Fax number: +46 (40) 694 4399

E-mail: sales@entrypointnorth.com

Head office:

PO Box 30, SE-230 32 Malmö-Sturup, Sweden