Insero Air Traffic Solutions


Organisation overview

Insero Air Traffic Solutions enable digital transformation through strong partnerships and sustainable solutions.

We design, implement and deliver air traffic solutions that help airports, ANSPs and associated businesses meet future capacity and safety needs in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

Digital transformation

AviSky is a real-time gateway platform dedicated to taking digitalisation to the next level. With the ability to seamlessly integrate data from all connected systems, it enables you to organise, structure and process data in a way that allows all stakeholders to access and explore what are relevant data for them. This reduces vendor lock-in and improves operational decision making

Software solutions that support Air Traffic Control in tower and approach

The complete software suite covering the air traffic controller needs to operate dynamically an approach and tower in airports. e.g. Radar display, Flight Data Processing System, Electronic Flight Progress Strips, Remote Control and Monitoring Systems and Meteorological Systems like AWOS. This improves your situational awareness, and the safety and flexibility you need in your daily work.

Air Traffic Analyser

The Air Traffic Analyser (SERIS) provides real-time operational performance data and enables users to optimize air traffic behaviour. The Insero SERIS solution combine tracking and analysis in one platform. You get an advanced Registration of Terminal and En-routes Charges tool for keeping track of flights and securing revenue streams as well as an Air Traffic Analyser designed to optimise air traffic conditions. This optimizes the quality of data and enable you to focus on your operational goals.  

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Michael Houmann Tandrup

Country: Denmark

Telephone number: +45 79 25 3300

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Head office:

Banegårdsgade 2, 8700 Horsens