Intelcan Technosystems Inc.


Organisation Overview

Intelcan Technosystems Inc. is the leading Canadian Communications, Navigation, Surveillance, Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) systems and Airport Infrastructure solution provider. Integrating Intelcan’s leading edge SKY-suite CNS/ATM products or utilizing those from a network of global suppliers, Intelcan has delivered turnkey solutions both cost-effective and flexible to fulfill the requirements of civil and defence authorities in over 60 countries. 

As a manufacturer and system integrator, Intelcan has seamlessly incorporated its own systems and the best available third-party equipment for the advantage of its ATM clients, worldwide. Intelcan’s in-depth knowledge of current products in the industry and innovative approach to solve existing operational constraints serve as the foundation in the development of its leading-edge systems. These products focus on creating stronger solutions to fill unavailable features in today’s market and are developed in full compliance with ICAO and Eurocontrol standards.  

As a major player in airport infrastructure projects, Intelcan designs and constructs intricate projects from air traffic control towers to complete airport construction. Intelcan’s comprehensive customer support programs ensure that our mission critical systems that are installed around the world are fully operational, providing a high level of safety and performance that the aviation industry can rely on. Staffed by technical experts in all aspects of aviation, Intelcan’s Customer Support Group offers full life-cycle support services. In-depth familiarity with international requirements and hands-on experience with installation and commissioning of systems enables Intelcan to provide around the clock service to ensure that all of its systems worldwide achieve the highest operational availability for our customers. 

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, since its establishment in 1973, Intelcan has expanded into, Cuba, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, France, Korea, South Africa and recently, a research and development facility in Montreal, Canada.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Member

Membership Status: Silver

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Michael Lang

Country: Canada

Telephone number: +1 (613) 228 1150

Fax number: +1 (613) 228 1149


Head office:

69 Auriga Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 7Z2, Canada