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CANSO publishes second edition of Remote and Digital Towers Guidance Material

The world of Remote and Digital Towers is a dynamically advancing aspect of the aviation sector. The concept has been evolving, knowledge and experience has been improving, and interest globally has been increasing (and continues to do so) over the …



CANSO in Bali – Think, Love, Act 

Bali was the scene of a hive of CANSO activities from 10 to 13 July for the CANSO Asia Pacific Conference 2023, hosted by AirNav indonesia. The feedback from members confirmed the palpable buzz in the air.   THINK&…



Fatigue and fatigue risk management in ATM – Wake up and spot the difference!

By Lea-Sophie Vink, Head of Human Performance and Human Factors, Austro Control, and Maximilian Peukert, Human Factors Specialist, LFV Sweden. In July 2017, Air Canada flight 759 to San Francisco came within 100 meters of landing on a taxiway where aircraft were awaiting …



Game changer in operations

There are many interest groups in aviation in Europe which are particularly involved when it comes to the operational future of our industry. Airports have organised themselves through ACI Europe, airlines in IATA and A4E, and the trade unions …



Attention and virtual training

When COVID and mobility restrictions hit in 2020, virtual training (i.e. education in a virtual environment), where synchronised learning takes place, with everybody connected at the same time, sounded like a panacea for ab-initio air traffic control training, where ab-initio …



ATCO Virtual Mobility: A promising solution to the challenges of air traffic management (ATM) capacity in Europe

Air Traffic Management (ATM) capacity shortage is a major challenge in Europe that is caused by a number of factors such as technical system constraints, airspace structures, airspace reservations, and ATCO shortage. Although efforts have been made to improve technical …


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